Resin Figurines

Add some fun reptile figurines to your collection! Resin figurines are often also called "polystone" or "porcelon" or other trade names, and are made from stone or marble powders cold-cast with a polymer binder. We have snakes, frogs, turtles, lizards & geckos, and alligators & crocodiles!
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TDR6208 Assorted Turtle Friends
  • $1.95
TDR6437 Chinese Turtle Dragon
  • $8.95
TDR6438 Small Chinese Red Lacquer Turtle
  • $2.50
TDR8022 Piggyback Turtle Mom & Baby
  • $6.95
TDR8023 Turtle Mom with Baby Riding
  • $6.95
TFT9271 Webkinz Mach-1 Turtle Aviator
  • $2.95
DR8121 Music-Box Frog Figurine
  • $24.50
TM9447 Waterglobe - Alligator 65mm
  • $9.95