Turtle Pins, Brooches, and Tacs

We have turtle, tortoise, and sea turtle decorative pins, brooches, and tacs. Choose from sterling silver, shimmering enamels, abalone shell, and sparkly Austrian crystal! Some have coordinating earrings available too.
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TJP5033 Sterling Enamel Green Turtles Pin Only 2 left in stock
  • $42.50
TJP5752 Sterling Enamel Crystal Turtle Pin
  • $47.50
TJP5927 "Shell Shock" Turtle Pin-On Button
  • $1.50
TJP5984 Gold & Crystal Turtle Pin/Pendant
  • $16.95
TJP6657 Green Sea Turtle Sterling Enamel Pin Only 1 left in stock
  • $29.50
TJP6461 Beaded Sea Turtle Pin
  • $12.95
TJP7285 Golden Crystal Turtle Brooch/Pendant
  • $14.95
TJP7382 Parting Waves Sea Turtle Button
  • $1.50
TJP8625 Silver Stripey Crystal Turtle Brooch/Pendant
  • $18.95
TJP9282 Bobblehead Green Crystal Sea Turtle Pin
  • $8.95